Costs are a crucial factor for businesses, both locally and globally. Add that to the challenge of recruiting the necessary competencies in a small country like Denmark. It was exactly the salary level combined with the access to qualified labor that Danish companies in Poland used as the basis for their decision on relocation.

By relocating all or part of the company’s production to Poland, the Danish companies have strengthened their competitiveness – not only in the domestic market – but also globally.

The Polish economy and society have experienced major changes following the Polish entry into the European Union. Companies from across the Union have sought Poland to benefit from the competitive advantages that can be gained from relocating to Poland. The free movement in the EU has resulted in more than 1.2 million Poles moving away from Poland to other EU countries since their inclusion in the EU. The increased prosperity in Poland has also resulted in falling birth rates as seen in many other European countries.

The result of these factors is that the Polish labor market is under pressure. According to a study by the European Commission, Poland is experiencing a shortage of skilled labor that is 2.5 times higher than the average in the rest of the EU.

In the future, Danish companies should  expect that the competition for qualified labor in Poland will continue to increase. In Ukraine, you have access to a large qualified workforce at an attractive cost level.


08:30-09:30 // Welcome

Mykhailo Vydoinyk, Ukrainian Ambassador in Denmark
Rafał Wolski, Polish Consul General in Lviv
Andriy Sadovyi, Mayor of Lviv
Oleh Syniutka, Governor of Lviv Oblast
Daniel Bilak, Chairman of UkraineInvest, Chief Investment Adviser to the Prime Minister of Ukraine

09:30-10:00 // Keynote speech

Tom Axelgaard – CEO – Goodvalley A/S
Goodvalley has been operating in Eastern Europe since 1994 and has a sustainable production of pigs, grain products and renewable energy in Poland, Ukraine and Russia. Tom is educated in agriculture, language and economics.

10:00-12:00 // Cases

12:00-12:30 // Q&A

Taras Yurynts,
Guldmann Ukraine
Rostyslav Nakonechnyy,
Eugenia Onyshko,
Nataliya Schulyar,

13:30-15:30 // Praktisk Know How

Fireside chats with five different experts within five different areas with practical relevans.  

Carsten Steno, Business-journalist, The connection of home and away: The challenges of the distance
Leif M. Pedersen, ICT Logistics A/S, Logistics: How do we get back and forth?
Bjarne Rerup, Aarhus Universitet, Are the necessary resources available?
Bo Nyhus, NEFCO, How do you ensure to act and appear as a responsible company?
Yuri Arabskiy, BC Partner, Facilities and location

15:30-16:00 // Closing Remarks

Morten Munk, MAFCON, Summary and perspectives

17:00 // Sightseeing, Networking & Dinner

City walk through Lviv’s medieval city center with the possibility of networking. Finish with a visit to one of Lviv’s many good restaurants.

There are breaks in the program with refreshments and lunch.

09:00 // Company visits

It is possible to visit up to two companies. After signing up to the conference you will receive a signup form for company visits.

Guldmann A/S is one of the world’s leading suppliers of assistive devices for people with disabilities and work tools for their helpers. Guldmann’s department in Lviv currently employs almost 100 employees, who are now developing and producing a number of finished products.

Mita-Teknik A/S is one of the world’s leading independent suppliers of wind turbine controllers. Today, Mita-Teknik’s department in Lviv employs almost 100 highly-trained IT staff who develop and service wind turbine controls internationally within their product group.

CFT Ukraine is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ice cream production facilities. CTF in Lviv employs approximately 80 employees, who work with production, assembly and design tasks for daily use.

Spheros-Electron is a Ukrainian-German joint venture that produces air condition systems for vehicles.



€ 200

  • The price includes access to the conference.
  • Shuttle busses to and from the conference and company visits.
  • Refreshments and lunch during the conference.
  • Dinner and sightseeing.

MAFCON is an international consultancy firm with +10,000 H of experience in planning and implementing outsourcing and offshoring tasks. We provide solutions from decision memorandum to commissioning and have extensive consultancy experience in a variety of industries. Our proven tools for strategy development and implementation are always updated based on the latest knowledge, experience and development.

With more than 20 years experience, MAFCON has created a solid knowledge and experience platform on how to establish and build business operations successfully in the former Soviet Union.

Marselis Boulevard 1
8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Tel: +45 70 22 84 55
E-mail: mafcon@mafcon.com

ALP Business Consult is a Lviv-based  boutique consulting company specialized on  supporting foreign investments in Ukraine and providing business consulting, legal and IT services.

Founders of ALP Business Consult, Allan Kirkeby Andreasen and Liliia Yunko, combine over 15 years of consulting and management experience across various industries in Ukraine and abroad.

ALP’s hands-on approach will help you to achieve the best results in a quick and efficient manner. Our practice is based on our commitment to client service and our team is well-positioned to fully understand and respond to our clients’ needs and deliver enduring results that work for your organization. We follow our clients all the way through until the project is successful and beyond.

Shevchenka av. 30/4
79005 Lviv, Ukraine
Tel: +45 22 14 39 06
E-mail: aka@alpbconsult.com

LOCATION // The Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Center

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